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Keen music enthusiasts Rory & Jay started DJing together in the late 90's at local underground dance music nights & events in and around Newcastle under the name 'Roar & Drumz', playing hardstep, techstep & dark dnb.

Going our seperate ways early into the millennium to persue other oppotunitues in life, individually we both started tinkering with music production. In around 2008 the partnership was reignited and Faktionz was created....however, folk kept asking if we had any affiliation with some American rock group so we changed our tag to System Complex in around 2011

We have created this site to obviously shamelessly plug our work but we would also like to use this web space as a kind of central repository of resources associated with music production such as tutorials, samples, free VST instruments, VST patches etc, etc. If you have something you would like to contribute....please get in touch

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