He asked me if I was busy.

Where do you really want to go?


I can't live with you anymore.


Wouldn't it be better if we went and got a coffee?

You're wasting water.

This rash should go away by itself in a couple of weeks.


I've done that three times already.

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Cathryn is a couple of inches taller than Patrice.

We all escaped without injury.

Would you mind if I told Juliane?

That's a picture of Manny and his cat.

I don't want to lose Manny.


She rented a room.

He's always strutting around like a peacock.

An earthquake can take place at any time.

It's not even funny!

I made the fact known to all my friends.

When will he be busy?

Don't buy us anything.

I can take care of you.

Jared has decided to eat more mints.


How many people will be living on Earth in one century?

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This is Carrie Underwood's latest album.

Vladimir waited for Willie, but she didn't come.

I have nothing much in common with him.


I gave Jean-Pierre a direct order, but he ignored it.


I'm thinking of buying a house on Park Street.

The runner collapsed as he reached the finish line. Had he reached the limits of the human body?

Miriam was very arrogant.

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She is very busy.

I'm sure of the fact.

Sean really greatly resembles Conner!


They arrived in the United States a few days ago.

Sedovic slept without a blanket.

I was obligated to do something.

Is it happening?

I love him more deeply than any other man.

This song sounds like one I heard a few minutes ago.

Ozan wasn't celebrating.

She doesn't know Kazakh language.

We must protect the children.

I'll see you again.

I wondered what was going to happen.

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Bjorne happened to let out the secret to his friends.

I'm supposed to wait for them.

They were satisfied with the result.

Who should I notify?

The big question is what do we do about it.

I just got my driver's license.

Do you want to have it washed?


I've got nothing to say to you.

Francisco is very excited to meet you.

It's me Catherine has a problem with.

To me, it is easier writing about death than about life.

Where was Harry tortured?

Do you really want to vote for Mwa?

I asked Pandora to sing my favorite song.

Louiqa went to prison for murder.

We are going to cycle to the lake tomorrow.

Marci was irrational.

I don't like being around poor people.

We're both on the same side.

We have to talk to them.

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She's getting breakfast ready.

Thanks for this useful information.

Do you actually believe this?

I don't feel like talking.

I'm having an adrenaline rush.


She's in trouble because she saw something that she shouldn't have.

My father was absent from his office yesterday.

I feel like getting some fresh air.

This is how he solved the difficult problem.

In a court of fowls, the cockroach never wins his case.

Are you sure this is the place we're supposed to be?

Am I in London?

Are we a dream in the mind of a deity, or is each of us a separate dreamer, evoking his own reality?

Kristi didn't have to say that.

Who were you there with?

I was told never to tell a Frenchman how to speak his own language.


I beat one.

Why hasn't anybody ever told me about it?

It's fine now.

I think I might be able to do that.

It's about time you got a taste of your own medicine.


I told Emma I wasn't going anywhere.

Have your paper on my desk by Thursday.

This cake tastes too sweet.

Malus won't admit that he was wrong.

I wasn't flirting with Ro.

Belinda said he wanted answers.

You may as well begin at once.

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I am in full accord with your view.

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I get the feeling that no one here is telling us the truth.


I'm slowly getting used to the humid climate here.

I would tell Jamie about that if I were you.

She doesn't have an email address?

I like your house.

Tell them to shut up.

I'll call the police.

I would like to become multilingul.

Sedovic certainly thinks so.

Go back, Rebecca.

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I consulted all possible dictionaries.

He's worried we'll lose the way.

It was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

Jesse was dressed in casual clothing.

Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.

What impressed you the most?

Geoff never showed up for his appointment.

They are all of a size.

I never leave home without it.

This type of discrimination isn't very widespread in our country.

Brent and Raja were sitting in the back seat of the car.

He persists in his opinion.

Can you talk to him?

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You forgot to let the dog in!


I could be wrong.

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I don't need a cardiogram.

What is an open folder?

It's still a great story.

You don't have to give yourself such airs.

You're not allowed to smoke in this room.

They like reading English literature.

That can't be done.

It was quite possible to buy a house, just as it is in England, provided one gives up the idea of buying a home one likes, and at a reasonable price.

They played guitar and accordion.

Baseball is an interesting sport.

Without the ozone layer, we would be in danger.


I used to go out with friends every weekend.


Something did happen, didn't it?

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I am content with my job.


I understand you wish to speak with Dennis.

Ramneek works as a bouncer in a nightclub.

That's just the beginning.

Pratapwant invited me to the party.

Why don't you just back off?


There are two pounds of butter in the icebox.


Have you reconsidered?


If there is a hell, Rome must be built on it.

I hope it will work.

I think that something is bothering her.

That he would be able to do.

My only trouble is I don't have a close friend.

It's nothing personal, Dan. I'm just doing my job.

The children are all fired up.

No matter how often you write to her, she will not take notice of you.

You shouldn't coddle her so much. She needs to learn to be independent.


Some scenes from the movie were recorded in Leblon Beach.

She'll go to Ireland.

Listen to how he snores.


Vick had another operation.

Please do not write in this library book.

It wasn't Galen who lit the campfire.

Rajeev closed his eyes again.

It looked yellow to me.

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I'm going to Paris this month.

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I like hanging out with you.


He is going to buy a new bicycle next week.


Robinson considers nature a mere object of scientific study to exploit for his own uses and pleasure.

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I just can't get used to taking orders from Troy.

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I feel sorry for him.