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Q&A with Hugh Sergeant on River and Mercantile's first Australian-regulated pooled vehicle

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UK-based River and Mercantile made a big splash in the Australian market this year - opening two offices, one in Sydney and one in Brisbane, and recruiting an Australian representative. We talk to Hugh Sergeant, the firm's chief investment officer equities, partner and portfolio manager, about the the launch of their first Australian regulated pooled vehicle - the River and Mercantile Global High Alpha Fund. He also shares his motivation for becoming a fund manager and reveals the job he'd be doing if he wasn't one. More

“Fate paves the roads we ultimately travel”: Rob Prugue on life after Lazard


Rob Prugue was CEO, Asia Pacific of Lazard Asset Management for 15 years until February this year, when he left the firm. He speaks to Industry Moves about how he has been occupying himself since, including pastimes such as glass blowing and choir singing and spiritual revelations on the Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ walk in Europe. He’s not finished with funds management or superannuation just yet though, and shares with us his plans for the future. 4432951584


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River and Mercantile Global High Alpha Fund

London based investment manager River and Mercantile Asset Management has launched a new fund to local institutional investors. The River and Mercantile Global High Alpha Fund offers access to the fund manager's Global High Alpha strategy, through an Australian-regulated pooled vehicle. The fund ... More

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