Don't leave me, Kathy.

She listens to religious music.


We're pretty proud of that.

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Is this Jupiter or a bull?

Patty and Michelle talked about the trip.

Since I've entered that school, I have to write weekly reports just like Japanese students do.

Tell me what that is.

Donn tossed the rotten apple into the garbage can.

Sergio was a good teacher.

I heard that Theo and Spudboy are planning to get married.


Midway through our trip we realized that we hadn't brought enough money.

I don't want to be your wife.

Are you ever coming back?

I decided to tell him that I am in love.

I found a nice place to have a picnic.

If anything should happen to Kikki, I wouldn't forgive myself.

Satan is pleased.

You hate raw onions, don't you?

Neville read the document aloud.

He is free from care.

The number of English words exceeds twenty times Shakespeare's prodigious vocabulary.


We are suffering from a severe water shortage this summer.

Will you give me a ride?

I only drink water.

My new can opener is sturdier than the old one, so hopefully it won't take 2 minutes to get at my beans anymore.

This rose smells sweet.

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to make you pay a fine.

Mickey looks wounded.

Moore talked to me.

If you make too many, we won't be able to sell them all, so don't go wild.


How about making us some sandwiches?

My boycott of Italian television starts now.

Toerless is too drunk to drive. Could you take him home?

I can't believe you're taking pictures of cockroaches.

We've been spotted.


Andreas couldn't keep from smiling.

It doesn't look exactly like the picture in the catalog.

That negligee is gonna knock his socks off!


Didn't you miss it?


She is absent because of sickness.


I have something.

Stop speaking in riddles.

Stop looking at me!

He doesn't need to get up so early.

How many inhabitants are there?

His word can be summarized as follows.

I'll ride my bike to work.

As he is honest, he is loved by everybody.

The president is flying to the city in a helicopter.

He amused himself by reading a detective story after supper.

Why do you suspect me?


How high is Mont Blanc?

She must have seen me.

For the economy as a whole, recovery seems still far away.

This book is very good.

You're pushing me.

Maybe I will buy a brand-new computer.

We're leaving Boston.

I love the genuine smiles!

Kaj replaced John as captain.


Have I disappointed you?

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Do you have any real coffee?

With the passage of time, Radek felt less bitter about the situation.

Sho couldn't locate the Danube on the map.


Rajesh tried to revive Karen.

Jeff started to worry.

I just did what I had to do.

She set fire to a tent.

Because it was dinnertime, we sat at the dining table.

Drawing the Japanese flag is very easy.

It's not going to be easy to do that.

Adolescence is a period of transition between childhood and adulthood.

Kimmo has a lot of free time.

Life is a magnificent gown full of lice.

You have to answer this question.

The time has come for mankind to put an end to the madness and immorality of the arms race.

They're experiencing white water rafting on a class five river.

Does this spider bite?

You should be careful in your choice of friends.

His jokes amused me.

Rakhal rarely asks questions.

It's time for you to start telling me the truth.

You look like you're having a lot of trouble setting up that web page. Want some help?

What have you learned so far?

I suppose you love him.

We found her a wise lady.

To add a sentence to your list of favorites, click on the white heart icon.

What makes one person more intelligent than another?

I'll pick you up after school.

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We have to hire a room to hold the party in.

The islanders are being slaughtered for no apparent reason.

Stay on your toes, Space.


Suresh needed to store his stuff somewhere, so I told him he could put it in our garage.

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Save up something for a rainy day.

You must think I'm really strange.

It's eight o'clock at night.

He had nothing to do with the case.

Could you help me for ten minutes?

Francisco is mentally unbalanced.

My wife is Polish.

I don't know if I can speak French well enough to make myself understood.

You may say that it's shit.

We've installed several security cameras.

Next thing you know, you'll be in the papers.


This political problem gave rise to hot discussions.


It's a great plan, innit.


His conduct admits of no excuse.


The old woman climbed the stairs with difficulty.

Vicky assumed that Fletcher would pay her bills on time.

I'll take two or three days off.

"Looks kinda peaceful." "Looks are deceiving when Koopas are involved."

We hired a crane to lift the new air conditioner and place it on the roof.


The king is dead, long live the king!


Do you mind if I sit here?

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Nate came out in a rash after changing to a new medication.

Hail, guildbrother.

The street is free from snow now.

Stand up straight when I'm talking to you!

I think Chip isn't the right man for the job.

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We had to start our business from zero.

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A large amount of money was spent on the new bridge.

Del has no idea what Ji's doing.

Where can I find a hospital?


Nick is missing the little finger on his left hand.

Will you read my essay and correct the mistakes, if any?

There are places where this kind of thing happens all the time.


Be my guest!

A French translation of this book was published in 2013.

I can't exactly tell them that.

My father is going to prepare some delicious food for me tomorrow.

The ice gave way under his weight.


Wayne zipped up his bag.

I'm very happy to see you again.

Seriously though, episode 21 made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

That isn't good enough for me.

The king and his family live in the royal palace.


It would be stupid to climb that mountain in the winter.

I will do that work on condition that I get paid for it.

He instructed students in history at school.


I expect that he will help us.

Do you have a husband?

Make her move!

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One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.

I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

This machine is familiar to me.

Which would you rather do, go swimming or play tennis?

Can elephants sneeze?

Malus often makes mistakes.

I would often take naps on Sundays.

I gave Metin chocolate.

I was wrong all the same.

Is Amigo bluffing?

Jacques made it clear that he wanted to meet Mr Gagnon.


I appreciate your help on this.

Stephe stopped cleaning.

There is a pair of scissors on the desk.

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Shops are quiet on weekdays.

Does the story have a happy ending?

It is singular.

Dr. Smith gave me some meds to calm down, but I didn't take them.

I can't work for you.

Should I ask him?

If you don't leave now, you'll die.

They will notify Mahesh.

I have to go talk to Trent.

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Things were never the same after that.