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Leading Edge in the Market

Specialized Tools for Everyday Use

Our extensive collection of over 200 products is designed for high performance cutting, thinning, texturing, and swiveling. Explore our catalog to find the product that's right for you.


Over 30 Years of Service

For over three decades, hair dressers, barbers, and pet groomers have come to us for quality products they can rely on.

Factory New (Almost)

Our processes of sharpening, honing, and resetting shears is unmatched. If it used to be sharp, we will make it sharp again.

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The Geib Guarantee

Our parts, materials, and workmanship are of outstanding quality. Be assured a cheerful repair or replacement. We want you happy!

We have the best customers in the wold

I've been using Entree Titans for 5 years now and they are the best shears I've ever used! My edge is insanely sharp and allows me to just focus on serving my customers. 

- Rudy M., FL

One of my furrier clients knocked my Roto Blacks to the floor and broke the tip. Geib was able to repair the point and reset the shears. This ordeal made me realize I needed a backup pair!

- Wes G., UK

The best pair of scissors I've ever laid hands on. The way the scissors sound, their weight, and even their (lack of) smell is truly a feat of modern engineering.

- Brandy L,