It took us two hours to get to Tokyo.

I think that something is bothering Brandi.

I didn't have those shoes.

I'm going to try to go to sleep now.

We need a sample in addition to materials.

I've heard that Julian's plans have changed.

We'll finish the work even if it takes us all day.

You will know the truth some day.

Commodity prices were rising.

The party leader rattled on at great length about future policies.

I usually go to school by bicycle.

I met him while he was studying.

Shaving was not an easy task, for his hand continued to shake very much; and shaving requires attention, even when you don't dance while you are at it.

I used to be a teacher.

We chose a hotel in the vicinity of the museum.

The electric trains have taken the place of airplanes.

Don't allow yourself to become fat.

When would be best?

Barrio is speaking French.

Dan noticed that there were cops all around him at the petrol station.


The author of the text of the famous song "I love you, oh life" died yesterday.

I figured it out alone.

We'll soon change that.

I heard that one way to stay healthy is to avoid eating any food with unpronounceable ingredients.

Pride will have a fall.

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The subject has not yet been fully explored.


She's well known as a singer.

His ambition was to be a great politician.

He is eager for a chance to study abroad.

I wish Bill would spend more time at home.

I'll begin doing the job right away.


We have to turn in reports on Monday.

Can I take a message?

Seenu bought three bottles of grape juice.

They all did it.

Stuart can't swim very well, can he?

There was an emergency on the road.

I shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

I agree with Nichael on this.

He stuck his pencil behind his ear.


All of Doug's predictions came true.

He is fighting with his back against the wall.

You have to do that somewhere else.

He will never get over his huge business losses.

I hope he will make good in his new position.

I heard that Johan wants to buy a new snowboard.

Why do many people like John Lennon so much?

All I am I owe to my mother.

He likes traveling and so do I.


Why would you want to do something like that?


She prayed to God on her knees.

Guillermo is a pretty good guitarist.

Even if it rains, the game will be played.


I am looking forward to going to the zoo.

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It doesn't look like anyone's been in this room for years.

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Piercarlo can help you find what you're looking for.


I really should be getting to bed.

What is the rate per day?

I'll go get her.

I hope Dominick will follow my advice.

Not being tall is not a serious disadvantage in life.

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The wet shirt will soon dry up.

Do you have any experience?

Were you the one who called the cops?


His room is always out of order.


The effects of climate change are far less pronounced in Antarctica than in the northern polar regions.


And the name of the person you're calling, please?

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Hitoshi can't come because he's sick.

When he heard the joke, he burst into laughter.

I sucked up the dust on the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Your hat should not be worn in the classroom.

The next instant Hercules caught hold of the monster.

Ramneek showed me around town.

I knew very little about her.

I am not writing in English. This language is Russian.

He prefers poetry to fiction.

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She's feeling much better.


He lacks tact.

I just kept going.

Allan looks disturbed.

I need more time than that.

It will take a long time to suppress the revolt.

I know why you're not happy.

This company owes its success to him.

Irwin wanted to carry Maurice over the threshold.

Are you nice to Maria?


That wasn't supposed to happen.

Toufic was just like a brother to me.

How many bags did you have?

He gave an interesting broadcast about modern art.

I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

If you do that for me, I'll be in your debt.

Charley passed out.


Why can't Harmon come to us?

It's a ridiculous question, really.

We just need to bide our time.

I felt like I was intruding.

Maria asked me to help her with her math.

Don't fall apart now.

Whose idea was it to fire him?

Ji is very beautiful.

Max also talked.


I'll come as soon as ever I can.

What have you brought?

The police will never find you there.


He needs to be aware of the dangers.

Can you do handstands?

I will wait for you in front of the school.

Julianto was clearly very busy.

What's in here?

Get out of the shower!

I think you should get started.

The show's Tuesday.

I'm getting used to doing this.

You look exactly the same as you did the last time I saw you.

They give concerts here in the summer.

They had no house to live in.

Sumitro went out onto the street.

No matter.

Piotr didn't come today.


That victory turned the scales in our favor.

You should read many books when you are young.

There were six children in the Evans family.

The bear ran after me.

Can you lend me 500 yen?


Not everyone was satisfied.

When in a bus, I always sit at the front.

There's a nice breeze here.

If you stay at a big hotel, you can use their swimming pool.

Why can't Florian come to us?


I'm sick of your excuses.


You have a really good sense of direction.


"I wonder why you always lose just one sock out of a pair." "If you lost both, you wouldn't notice it, right?" "Yeah, I guess you're right."


A woman is only as old as she seems to be.

The leaves fall to the earth in autumn.

The historical outcome proved him right.

I'm sure I can find something for you to do.

Roxana used to be in a band with me.

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The instrumental case is one of the most graceful aspects of the Russian language.

I'm concerned about him.

That's got to be painful.

Suddenly, her face was pale.

Who did this first?

I'm sure Grace will love your present.

Maybe your luck is changing.

I've only seen him once.

Diana decided to sit in another seat.

We sent some flowers to the hospital to cheer her up.

That felt so good.


Jesse began to get downhearted.

The storm continued.

Tad may not be here on time.

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I'm learning music.

She gave me a pretty doll.

I wonder if I should tell Suwandi the truth.

This is only for your personal use.

He began his lecture with a humorous anecdote.

Won't you come in for a moment?

I'm not interested in science fiction.

You shouldn't associate with men like that.

It's time to call in our chips.

Hilda, you're way ahead of me.

I was surprised.

I thought you said you worked with Kory.

This project admits of improvement.


I gave him a ride.

We had no school on account of the typhoon.

How many slices of meat would you like?