I just heard you visited Theodore.

Saad let the ashes from his cigarette fall on my expensive carpet.

Train services have been disrupted by the bad weather.

We had lunch at a little coffee shop.


He made much of his teacher's advice.

Howard is handling the situation very well.

Anne looked down at the sidewalk.


You speak French, right?

Are you joking, or are you serious?

You should try to get some sleep.

God may not play dice with the universe, but something strange is going on with the prime numbers.

The blood stream is usually constant and continuous.

It was a dream and shouldn't I bother about a dream?

The telephone was invented by Bell.

Tracy kept the window closed.

Not being able to eat sweets is an extremely painful thing.

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In July of 1994, Jupiter was hit by pieces of the Shoemaker-Levy comet. Dark areas appeared in Jupiter's atmosphere after the large pieces hit the planet.


Tell Vadim you're too busy to help him.

The old church is located in the northern part of the city.

Son was shocked.


Could you carry my bags for me?


Perfect diamonds are extremely rare jewels.


Maria wrote me a letter.

I am from Shizuoka.

This little story is too simple to explain everything.

Exporting is a commercial activity which transcends borders.

All equipment must be sanitized.

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When do you stop work?

The document clearly spells out the correct procedure for dealing with complaints.

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.

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I can't get this thing to work.

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A sprain like this should heal within a week or so.

Stay tuned for details.

Induction cooktops use magnets.


Robin said he'd call me.


I should get back to writing my report.

Jesus was unsure what to do.

The police are after the man.

I'm sure Caleb will appreciate any help you can offer.

Electronic components can be cleaned by using pure isopropyl alcohol.

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I'm looking for answers.

I wish it had been that easy.

I don't find it that difficult.


It's worth the price.


Jerry handed Anna one of the drinks.

I think you will approve.

I was supposed to meet Stephen here yesterday.

All you have to do is wash the dishes.

We all worked at the company by the hour.

They demanded a treaty that would punish Germany severely.

There's no telling how this might end.

That was very harsh.

The U.S. Pacific Islands region includes more than 2,000 islands spanning millions of square miles of ocean. Rising air and ocean temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, changing frequencies and intensities of storms and drought, decreasing streamflows, rising sea levels, and changing ocean chemistry will threaten the sustainability of globally important and diverse ecosystems as well as local communities, livelihoods, and cultures.

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Which team are you on?


Do you doubt me?

Permafrost covers one-fifth of the Earth's surface.

His nasty comments fueled the argument.

When does Sri go to school?

If you were to fall from that bridge, it would be almost impossible to rescue you.

Duncan wasn't sure he liked the plan.

I don't know them personally.

You went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning? No wonder you look sleepy today.

That's your problem, not mine.


Carlos certainly wasn't very happy about that.


Kristen listens to inspirational CDs, and has a list of motivational quotes on the back of his bedroom door.

You're supposed to be dead.

Raanan laughed when I told him about what happened.

The young nurse fell in love with a patient.

I'll save the money for the next time.


Is it cold in Germany?

Patricio will abhauen.

Are you going to say anything?


Diana evidently was here early this morning.

I'd like a ticket to Boston.

This is a valuable addition to our collection.

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I'll see you all next week.

Coffee keeps me awake.

My recorded voice does not sound like my natural voice.


What do you think is the most popular sport in Japan?

Scott can be trusted to some degree.

I see you are ready.


I need to know when to come.


In a word, she isn't any use.

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Kathryn took a book down from the shelf.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Claudia is unnerved.


From the practical point of view, there are many shortcomings in his plan.

My son thinks that bats are reptiles because they're like pteranodons.

Do you like wine?

Pilot wants three hundred dollars for it.

You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Piotr's hands were behind his back.

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She climbed a tree.

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Antoine Lavoisier was beheaded during the French revolution.

There was carnage.

After dinner, they enjoyed playing cards.

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Emily is not a student.

Human as a biological being belongs to the animal world.

He's a very zealous worker.


Shai can play the guitar better than I can.

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Where's the nearest coffee shop?

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I'm tired, so I should get some rest.


I'm a big fan of golf.


I want to go there once more.

I'm the winner.

I wonder if you'd talk to Marty about this for me.


Can he do it?


It is carried away by tidal waves.

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We should consider the problem from a child's perspective.

Sumitro ignored me today.

I take off my hat.

I'm dying of laughter!

We don't want any radiation around.

If I remember rightly, we should turn left at the next corner.

We have more important things to deal with.

He made a bad decision.

Yes, I will take care of buying the tickets.

I cannot bake bread. I don't have an oven.

I'm tired from the long walk.

Steen wants us to leave.

Tarmi wanted to talk to Trent about it.


It actually looks like a lot of fun.


My father is very angry with me.

Sometimes it's better to concentrate on a modest objective in order to achieve a more ambitious one.

What did you think would happen?

He wants to come.

In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.

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Does money bring happiness?

They forced him to sign the letter.

His parents bought him something nice.

Peter passed the test.

Teruyuki greeted Ami in French.

Linda took a drink from his wine glass.

Is that possible now?


The wait at immigration is at least 30 minutes.

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Blake was affected by the break-up.

The last time I saw you was in Boston.

A fool, when he is silent, is counted to be wise.

I don't know much more than that.

He isn't here now.

Lester doesn't like to be made to wait.

Sjouke was glued to his TV during the World Cup final.

That tall man is Mr Smith.

Have we met?


Have there been any updates on this issue?


Randall said you could keep it.

I'm here to protect you.

I definitely want to get acquainted with Karl. I think she is very likeable.


The wealthy, self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict, ascetic life led by members of some monastic orders.


This could be a problem.

I'll abstain from going out today.

Dawn and Nanda are an unbeatable team.