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Searching for Names

Ready to get online? (803) 907-2439 or on one of the names that we generate and you’ll be forwarded to GoDaddy with a coupon to get a domain name and WordPress website hosting for a year for only $12 ($1/month). It’s that easy!


$12 gets you a Website for a Year!

GoDaddy is offering a great introductory deal for people creating a new website. For only $12 ($1/month), they will host your website on their servers for a year AND give you a free domain name!

Just click here or on one of the names that we generate, and we’ll send you to GoDaddy’s website with the deal applied.

Don’t be intimidated by the process of creating a website – the hosting plan comes pre-installed with WordPress, the most popular website management system in the world. You don’t need to know anything about programming to build your website!

Take action and get your idea online today!

Fast Domain Name Search

Already have a business name in mind, or want to check for domain name availability as ideas pop into your head?

7725015735 to open our Domain Search page, which checks your name against over 100 domain extensions at the same time for availability.

International Users

NameBounce generates available domain names in more extensions than just .com. These include international domain extensions such as,, and .in, which can be even better than .com for local businesses.

Generate Business Names, Blog Names, Brand Names, App Names, and More

It doesn’t matter what type of company you want to create – NameBounce can help you find a catchy business name with an available domain name.

You can use the site to find names for physical businesses, blogs, e-commerce stores, brands, apps, products, and more.

Filter Results

Do you want a name that is short, only has a few syllables? Check out our filtering options after you search.

You can enter a maximum length and syllable count to find a name that meets your criteria, and even filter based on the search terms that you enter. Easy.