The Sphinx had eaten hundreds of people on their way to the city of Thebes, because they could not answer the riddle the cunning Sphinx had asked them.

This food contains all the minerals without which our bodies would not function.

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I remember having seen this movie before.

I read the book over and over again.

I don't want a boyfriend.

Nothing seems to bother Delbert.

Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.

It's chillier today.

Regrettably, he lacks the financial wherewithal to run a presidential campaign.

Carlos filled out the job application form.

It rained all day yesterday.

Where did you meet her?

Nikolai is very polite.

Raja has canceled his party.

Valentin's paralyzed.


I want to be alone for a while.

He angrily slammed the door.

Cyrus's listening.

Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner.

She looked at me and said, "This is my vendetta".

I appreciate what you've done for me.

Erik will take Hamilton's job.


In many respects, women and men are completely different.

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Is that all that you've got to say?

They had accepted what was necessary to win.

The politicians try to pass the buck.


She did not let me into her secret.

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The beautiful maiden sat on the top of the rock and combed her golden hair in the sunshine.

Why blame me?

Nelken went to the beach.


I don't even have time to read.

She is always afraid of being a klutz when going to parties.

Why are they questioning Rudolf?

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It's too cute to be true.

She deliberated over whether to go or stay.

Sue's the only one who laughs at Mann's corny jokes.


Hey, lay off.

You will never manage to find Ramsey.

The kiss was amazing.

Too much humility is pride.

Liz wanted to tell the truth.

Some doctors say something to please their patients.

I've never seen her so upset.

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I didn't answer any of Wayne's questions.

Wes is wearing a bathrobe.

What do we need shovels for?

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Bring your own supplies.

Mr Wood loved Linda dearly.

We beat the man up.

Are we missing anything else?

I'll get some drinks.


I spent a great deal of time dealing with that problem last week.

Our ultimate goal is to establish world peace.

It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival?

I used to watch a lot more TV than I do now.

Don't deceive Audrey.


I'm fine.

Any man wearing a toupee fears a windy day.

The boy has been absent from school for eight days.

What happened to you? You look miserable.

Have you ever even met her?

Vincent doesn't know all the rules yet.

He's on good terms with Mr. Brown.


I expect him to come soon.

How long have you had this problem?

I cannot call Taninna names. I respect her.


I'm going to hang out with Vladislav.


They said Mr. Wilson's condition had not changed.

What is happening there?

A cat came out from under the desk.

John and Peter are inseparable friends.

It is sad to stay at home.

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Trey might not come back.

He has never really got over malaria he caught in the East during the war.

He left Japan for Europe.

Old has significant mental health issues.

I'm a salesman.


I needed to talk to them.

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He is vehemently opposed to political correctness.


Richard is carrying a briefcase.


The Cold War began after the Second World War.

Our professor postponed the exam until next week.

Teresa's sister is more beautiful than me!

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As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

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This isn't as easy as it looks.


Have you ever loved somebody so much that it made you cry?

I don't want to study French.

You've brightened my day.


Luca is more intelligent than you.

They stood talking for a long time.

I just don't really understand.

Major's condition is worsening.

Hienz and I are getting married.

What about Jack?

I'm a big child.

You're supposed to be the best.

A fresh layer of snow covered the street.

Jason, who was in charge of the project, was dismissed for corruption.

He's a late bloomer.

You've got to tell Cathryn he needs to be here at 2:30.

Nero did not actually fiddle while Rome burned.

Larry is always making me laugh.

We laughed at her.

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He went out with a bundle of clothes in his hand.

His ideas are too radical to be acceptable to most people.

Education does not consist simply in learning a lot of facts.

You can tell him I said so.

I don't know what his faith is.

I don't think you should take Theo to Boston with you.

Naim and Jenine wanted to talk about old times.


Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.


Earle must be at least thirty years old.

What could be happening?

I don't want you to make the same mistake I made.

He was absent from school on account of illness.

Human parents teach some words by giving babies what they ask for.


The bus goes to the house.


As I was sleepy, I went to bed.

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Perry had to make a decision.

You can't shoot Bradley in the back.

Page was my roommate in college.

Pierette put on a tie.

Keep that.

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I thought that's what you wanted.


Please get these people out of here.

They export a lot of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons.

There was an air of excitement at the meeting.

Lisa doesn't like apples, does he?

We just got this.

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We need more money.


Dylan didn't get what he bargained for.

You did an incredible job.

Where exactly is Craig?


I'm taking a walk in a park.

All the fish in this lake died from cyanide poisoning.

Give him my best regards.

You can't tell us not to go.

What's today's dinner?

I would like for him to write more often.

I am a very sad person.

The view of Mars through earthly telescopes suggested that all was serene.

When Cindy awoke, he saw that the fire had gone out and, also, that he was now completely alone. The only sound was the susurration of the bamboo, swaying in the breeze.

I have a problem to deal with here.

He loves you very much.

You didn't come at night, you didn't appear during the day either. Do you think we're jacking off? No, we're fucking others!

We've talked it over among ourselves.


What do you think are the best sellers of the latest Japanese records?

I guess Jarl changed his mind.

The way of life.


Rob was highly offended by what Joe had said.

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I'd like to buy a refrigerator.


I've enjoyed good health all my life.

She's wearing eye shadow.

How have you been sleeping?


It snowed for ten days in a row.


We have lived in the U.S. for ten years now.


I hope it isn't that bad.