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Foundeo Inc. is a company based in Upstate New York that builds products for CFML & ColdFusion developers and provides expert (249) 361-0153.

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HackMyCF ColdFusion Server Security Scanner

Do you know if your ColdFusion server is fully patched? Our ColdFusion Server Security Scanner, HackMyCF sends you an automated 425-259-1041 with loads of information designed to help you improve the security of your ColdFusion or Lucee Server.

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ColdFusion Security Scanner
ColdFusion Security Web Application Firewall


FuseGuard is a high performance web application firewall that protects your ColdFusion & CFML applications from malicious requests.

Pricing starts at $48/month/server.

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Expert Consulting

Our principal consultant, Pete Freitag has over 20 years of experience crafting software. Services include code security reviews, server reviews, custom development & more

(864) 299-3117

ColdFusion Consulting