We were waiting for him over a cup of coffee.

We didn't argue about it.

He could not carry out his plan.

They understood what we meant in the end.

Benson could have done anything he wanted.

Mario, stop calling me gay! I'm straight!


She has quite a lot of clothes.


I haven't seen him for a long time.

I think that some companies should be fined for violating privacy laws.

He is not to be trifled with.

As body, mind or soul, you are a dream; you really are Being, Consciousness, Bliss (satchidananda). You are the God of this universe.

I want you to leave.

When does it finish?

It wasn't you.

The family is eating breakfast on the balcony.

Bring it closer.

I saw footprints of a bear in the snow.

The hotel has a homey atmosphere.

I bet it's not the first time Miki has done that.

It's quite nippy today, so take your coat with you.


Mosur hardly ever speaks to Janet anymore.

Let's go for a walk.

Do you know these guys?

Let's hope that we don't have to do this again.

I can't complain about the way I've been treated.

We will let you know the time and date of the meeting soon.

The coffee is very hot.

Don't expect me in case it should be rainy.

I don't share your optimism.

Earl says he can't wait to get started.

Look behind you.

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U.S.S.R. stands for the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".

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She had a mole on her face.


A book without preface is like a body without a soul.

Mark stayed behind.

He concentrated on that.

I want to do something in a house.

She will be working.

What's the minimum salary in Estonia?

What did you expect Grace to say?

What do you have on for tomorrow night?

Carolyn took one of the sandwiches.

Mum often says that time is money.

Please listen and type in Spanish.

Troy really does swim well, doesn't he?

Choose whatever dish you want from the menu.


Maurice seemed very impressed.

Is this a good place to plant a tree?

Maria didn't suspect that "Vernon", her pen-friend, with whom she had been corresponding for months over the Internet and whom she secretly loved, without ever having met him, was actually a super-intelligent squirrel.

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Sandip helped me.

We'd all be very grateful if that happened.

They had not gone very far when they met an old man.


She writes irrelevant posts, and offensive ones at that.

You've found something.

The bus stopped to take on passengers.

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This paragraph is vague.

She chained all his thoughts and feelings.

Nobody wants to work in my country.

Jingbai peeled the banana and ate it.

I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.


It took us two hours to get to Athens.

I am not a businessperson.

He reached out for the sugar that was on the table.


Isn't there a much better and shorter way of saying the same thing?

Spring is here.

He is poor and could not buy a coat.

Sehyo used to play football before he got married.

Why did your cats hide under the blanket?

Kemal means well.

Pratap was bitten by a venomous snake.


Considering how long I've been studying French, I should be able to speak it better.

Everybody wants to be loved.

Nothing has been proven.

Elliot looks dignified.

Ssi didn't work as hard as Manavendra did.

When I was in primary school, I dreamt of becoming a pilot.

I gave them a ride.

The manufacturer of the medicine is a Japanese company.

I'll not divorce you, unless you give me a good reason.


They're friends.


I hope this stormy weather won't go on.

Fortunately, my son quickly adjusted to life in his new school.

I don't feel like a man anymore.


I have given him permission to do what he wants to do.

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Why do Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?


I asked Alberto to talk to his parents.

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We have to paint the bathroom ceiling.

The clerk waited on them immediately.

He said that it was nine o'clock.


I'll drive.


Are they armed?

Rafik claimed that the contract was invalid because he'd been coerced into signing it.

Cats don't like getting wet.


The last thing we need is a war.

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Would you excuse us for a moment?

She wants that.

I am sending a copy of my letter to you.


She found it very important.


Did you tell June about what you saw?

In China as well, glass is being excavated out of graves from the Warring States Period.

The man was a fountain of knowledge.


Thanks for the invitation, Juha.

It breaks my heart that I can't comfort Gunnar.

You're overreacting.


Fighting isn't my style.

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How he escaped still puzzles us.

Who ordered pizza?

Brooke is eavesdropping.

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I'm in the tennis club.

A high wall stands all about the garden.

He's an Olympic swimmer.

It seems to have gotten colder.

In about the fifth year I decided cutting the grass was something I didn't want to do any more of.

Happiness is good health and a poor memory.

There's a cold wind from the north.


Joubert likes anything sweet.


Do you recognize that woman?

Nothing is as terrible as an earthquake.

I slept all day.


Shawn bought a very good camera.

Ken offered to help me.

All of Pravin's friends laughed at Mats.


They seem moved.

June didn't really feel like playing chess with Marsh.

You know my favorite singer Terry Tate.

The worst situation resulted.

Although it is snowing, I must go.

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One is responsible for one's own words.

The car hit a telephone pole.

Over 4 million Australians communicate in a language other than English.

We've just got to keep going.

I landed by parachute by mistake.

Because of the heavy fog, not a single person could be seen.

For circumstantial evidence, that's plenty.

What do they do there?

Brooke wants to see both of us.


Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

It begins at six-thirty.

I arrived just now.


The strong shall devour the meek's reward.

Don't give up. You still have a chance.

Only twenty people will come to the party at best.

Registration began October 20th.

Which do you like?


I have some errands to run.

You must live according to your income.

Is it ok if I help you?

I think I need to talk to Margie.

If he had left at ten, he would have arrived here by now.


I've tried to reason with you.

I didn't want to spend any more time trying to convince Karen to study French.

Jerome did a good job.

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I have come to the conclusion that he is guilty.

At that time, the Romans ruled land and sea.

It should be a challenge.

Jianyun looks a little lost.

Hunter decided it was time to go to sleep.


I've been to Italy on a study abroad program.

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Can I pay you back on Monday?