Europeans never colonized Ethiopia, but not for lack of trying.

Shall we go?

Randall never wins at tic-tac-toe.


Cindie is in his office, packing books into boxes.


There's a little wind.

Life has been hard on Beth.

I know this kid you don't know.

Don't read too much into this.

Ellen has been working for us about three years.


I'll talk the matter over with my father.


I always lock my room.

She was absent from the club activities.

Maybe we'll meet him in the street.


What you call a 'charm', you know, is what girls wish upon that they may get together with the person they love and such like.


He applied himself to his study.

He's a loose cannon.

Is that another joke?


You're not saying very much.


Don't rock the boat.

It may seem strange.

I am peeking someone

Old favors are soon forgotten.

I need your passport and three photographs of you.

I'm too happy for you.

Whichever way we choose will involve danger.

A fishing light wavers under the lee of an island.

Hey, I'm on your side.

Charley didn't do it for money.

In case you will need anything.

No one would want to hurt you.

Sekar never lied to Kirsten.

I'll turn it over to them.

The romance is gone.

Formidable looking spiders do not attack people.

I grew up in this city.

I have never felt so stupid.

I don't think you're schizophrenic.

Alfred was killed that night.

Karen is known for that.

Jeffery has arrived in Boston.

Look, honey. You can't do that!

Knowledge is nothing; imagination is everything.

He abused my confidence.

A prince arrived, riding a white horse.

I prefer silver rings to gold ones.

The doctors are engaged in cancer research.

Nguyen's life was changed forever.


I wish you could be here with me right now.

Syed lay awake half the night, thinking about what he should do.

Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.

You didn't warn me.

Tigger asked Donovan whether she liked him.

Douglas is too young to go there by himself.

In the old days, when man was innocent, God sent his daughter to see the Earth.


I'm really looking forward to playing tennis with Laura.

Lewis didn't let fear stop him.

Malcolm gave me the cold shoulder.

Somebody pushed me in.

Jeanette doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

I want you to come with me to see Troy.

I hope the bus comes soon.

You look very familiar to me.

Japanese people exchange gifts in order to express their feelings.

Terry passed by Lynne's house the day before yesterday.

A stranger came up to me and asked me the time.

The air smells like spring flowers.

A three year-old boy and an 88 year-old woman have been rescued after being burried under rubble.

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Archie started pounding on the door.

Tell him we'll be ready.

They're there alone.

They liked having more space for their children to play.

Don't you ever touch me again.

She cooked a special dinner for him.

We will never forget about you.

I'll make her understand.

Those boys are too young to be doing that.

Shall we go out?

Lloyd may be able to come tomorrow.

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Jwahar does things in his own way.

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Terri is a very jealous man.

I thought she was stupid.

Do you think a pitbull would approach a huge dude like Dan?

I still don't believe it.

Johnathan is cooking eggs.

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It happened that he was out.


Let's sit over there.

We've got a little situation.

Have I done something wrong?

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You'd think they'd tell me what they want.

It's nobody's fault but yours. I'm determined to make you take the responsibility.

You're impolite.

Sriram won't be successful.

Roman is a Christian.

Do you want to go with me?

Allan cheered Jelske on.


Suddenly he saw me.

We haven't yet decided where we'll go tomorrow.

Juergen wasn't allowed to tell Dani everything he knew.

I want to dye my friend's hair blonde.

I saw how much Rajesh was enjoying himself.

Willie grew up in squalid conditions.

There is no piety in the world which is not the result of cultivation, and which cannot be increased by the degree of care and attention bestowed upon it.

She said to herself, "I am very happy."

I hope my car doesn't break down and I get to you on time.

My French is very limited.

I was a volunteer for two afternoons.

I'm missing you.

Alcohol does not solve any problems, but neither does milk.


I told Justin not to date Naren.

Keep it up, Slartibartfast.

I can't bear his rudeness.

You three are very lucky.

The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

You'd better not make light of him.

An investigation has been launched.


The question is what're we going to do about it.

No one could stop Anne.

A Chinese farmer was told not to shave before the visit of President Hu Jintao, so that he would look "more rustic" on TV.


Where are the gold bars you were supposed to pull out of that bank vault with your Transmatter Ray?

I think it's time for a quiet weekend.

Vance thought Jochen wouldn't be able to earn more than thirty dollars an hour.

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We live in a cozy little house in a side street.


We should lay on a second coat of paint for better protection against the weather.

There's no hurry.

Oh boy, that's embarrassing.

I can't believe I just hugged you.

We need some money.

Leonard is coming over to help with the kids.

How often does that happen?

I don't know, nor do I care.

Don't let him see you.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

Stop gambling.


Luc couldn't decide where to eat.


Human beings succeeded in flying into space.

The first stage is complete.

What kind of bread would you like for your toast? White, wheat, sourdough, or rye?

She's hopelessly in love.

Is that really what you think?

I'll never go there again.

Barney struggled with drug addiction.

Dan couldn't defend himself.

With the help of the doctors, she recovered.


I'm afraid I don't understand that.

I'm going to kill them.

I like to sleep on a soft bed.

Early man used his fingers and toes to count the animals he owned, or the measures of grain he had stored.

It's normal to be scared. I'm scared too.


I was supposed to take Del to dinner.


Please take care of my baby while I am out.

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The now ubiquitous occurrence of sectarian violence is the product of growing tensions between the country's different ethnic groups.

How many of us are there?

I'm glad you didn't go there by yourself.


There is no one but longs for peace and security.

It must be really creepy to work in a morgue.

Give my love to your parents.

"What time is it now?" "It's ten o'clock."

I wrote Cary to say I was sorry.

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Are they actually friends?

He's as drunk as a fiddler.

Philip didn't know that Leo was in town.

And at the very core, he found trust.

I wish I could've stuck around for a few more hours.

Did you meet Jasmin in Germany?

There's no choice.

The quick brown fox did not jump over the lazy dog.

I know Swamy likes to travel.

I did it just yesterday.

My mom told me the same thing.